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Anxiety is your curse. A hero's journey will be your treatment.

Join Juul, a youth whose mind has been altered by a terrible curse, and Glasswalker, an Elder Pilgrim of a spiritually evolved people, as they travel across the world to seek treatment for the horrible curse of anxiety.

On your journey you will travel through colorful landscapes, meet beautiful and dangerous creatures, and seek guidance from great beings made purely from thought.

Each level presents you with a different puzzle featuring stunning traditionally-drawn art and animation. Gather information on the world around you with your Awe Lens, then use your new knowledge to triumph over each unique challenge.

Will Juul find a way to suppress her curse? More is at stake than she might realize...

Approx 1-2 hours to complete. 

(2-3 hours if you choose to complete optional and secret content.)

If you have any issues with downloading or running the game, contact us at librariumstudios@gmail.com



PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Aug 27, 2017
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorLibrarium Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Tagsartgame, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Hand-drawn, Mouse only, Point & Click, Story Rich, traditional-animation
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial, One button


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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The Müll Littoral OST Album 83 MB
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I played this game years ago, but I still think about it all the time, and eventually I decided to come back and comment. I haven't played anything else since that combines such beautiful, mind-bending art and worldbuilding with such an intensely personal story. I could say a lot more, but I'll stick to just: thank you for making this game, and for holding nothing back.

wanted to like this but no matter where i click on the fall stage the windsock doesn't flip the right way and i can't get past the leve

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Hint: The windsock is not the answer.

I've clicked around it and on the steps, what else is there?


This kind of games is the reason why I return and will keep returning to The Bundle from time to time. “The Müll Littoral” is so full of heart and real human feelings that when you play it it seems like there is little to no barrier between the creator (or the lyrical ego) and the player. Why, it feels like a warm embrace, or at least like communication with an actual human being. And while I suffer for a kind of anxiety that is certainly different from the one experienced by Juul, I find at least a part of myself in her, and that means a lot. Oh, and the worldbuilding and art are here also great, they really transport you to another world. I do hope that indie creators will never stop to make this kind of games. And if they do, well – I still have like a thousand more to play...


I've never played a game that portrays anxiety and depression so well. I've seen a lot of games try but this is the only game that has really resonated with me, and made me cry, even. It is so relieving to see a game portray these issues so well, so thank you for making this beautiful game.


Kind words like this are why I keep making these sorts of projects. Thank you.

How can I save the game... what can I do if I get stuck on a challenge and can't get through it... I tried finding walkthrough and key online but havent come across any yet

There is an act-select screen, but no save function. 

Hi, I downloaded the game on Mac but it says the file is damaged/broken and cannot be open, can anyone give any advice on how I can play the game?

Download the game through the itch.io app, and it will play fine!


The Müll Littoral is a game that made me want to be a kinder person. For a VN and point-and-click style game made in the limitations of flash, it does so much to pull you into the world. Everything is hand-drawn, and the game and world it is set in is so clearly a labour of love from the author.

Also, you might just cry.


I will honestly say that I cried playing this game (which is a bit embarrassing when you're streaming). The dialogue is so emotional and really hit me. Also, the art is absolutely gorgeous. I have only played it through once, because all the other endings and secret stuff is something I want to enjoy just by myself.

Thank you so much! I'm glad that my game is able to have such an emotional impact on people. Do you have a link to the stream vod I could watch?

I just found the vod through some searching! Oh my goodness, I've never seen someone figure out the tavern level that fast!


The levels were absolutely genius! I loved using the lens to both learn about the things in this fantastical world and hints being hidden in the descriptions on how to utilise them. It felt really intuitive how to play it. Also, the tavern level was just absolutely hilarious.


I got the game with the bundle and it completely captivated me. (I even got the secret ending !) I'm so impressed by all the beautiful artworks and songs you created.
Hope you keep doing stuff like that. :)


Thank you so much! And I certainly will be continuing projects like these! In fact, the free demo of my current project, Existensis, is available for download now if you're itching for more!


I really enjoyed this game! The art is beautiful and the puzzles are fun. Unfortunately, I have managed to get myself super stuck. I'm trying to obtain the hidden ending, and I have successfully gotten the password, but now I have no idea what to do. The password screen just seems to show that the ending exists, and I tried replaying the last act to see if I was offered a third choice, but I haven't found anything different. What should I do now?

One of the passwords shows you a code.
That code corresponds to the inputs within a certain level.
This will take you a step closer.
Good luck. : )


Thank you so much for your assistance. After a fair amount of struggling, I was finally able to get the final ending :). I'm going to go play the Existensis demo now, as I've gotten rather attached to this world. You've done such an incredible job!

I'm still stuggling. I got the password from the snake witch, but entering it just shows me the words, "Good, Bad, Hidden". 

I'd assume clicking on them would show each ending, but it doesn't do anything.

PS. Thank you for donating such a unique and beautiful game to the bundle for racial equality. I wouldn't have come across it otherwise. Blm. 

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Password from the Good Ending
Password from the Bad Ending
Password from the Hidden Ending

Entering all three at once will get you something special. 

PS. You're quite welcome, I'm glad I was able to contribute to such a good cause!


Got it. So worth decoding the sequence to get there! [Redacted] looks so rad! 


I got this game as part of the bundle for racial justice and i wanted to let you know that i enjoyed it a lot! Got stuck on a couple of parts here and there, but was able to push through and get the final ending! You did a wonderful job on the story (not gonna lie, the good ending made me cry a little XD) and it made me want to see more with the shorewatcher and the glasswalker. I can't wait to see what you make next! c: 

That's so good to hear! I always love to hear when someone's stuck with the game long enough to get the final ending! I'm happy you've enjoyed the tale of the Shorewatcher and Glasswalker... and don't worry, their stories do not end here.
You'll definitely be seeing a bit more of these characters in my next game, Existensis. (The alpha demo is out, and it's free!)

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Hey there :)

I just bought the game and am enjoying it so far :D

But - I'm stuck at the tavern.

1. I click on the bottle.
2. When Rhye leaves the room, I close the iron door.
3. I click on the lantern and the Thoughtform of Kindness disappears.
4. Rhye comes back, cleans the table, opens the iron door ... and moves forward to greet Juul.

Could someone help me and tell me the correct order of actions, please? I tried it now several times and am failing and failing ... :(

Thanks in advance
Marja :)

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Hello! A few people have had this problem.


Your steps are all correct, don't worry. The final step is re-opening the iron door before the Thoughtform of Kindness disappears. Glad to see you're enjoying the game so far!


Thanks for the fast reply! :D

Really lovely game! I enjoyed playing it.